Citylight Collective

Citylight Collective


What is Citylight Collective? 


Citylight Collective is a partnership of churches working together to bring real hope and help to all people. It is the mission and vision of Citylight expressed in other places through other people. We simply cannot accomplish all God has given us to do on our own. We believe in what God is doing in so many other places through so many other wonderful people. We want to steward what God has given us to serve churches and bless the world. We want to unify under one vision that will be expressed in so many different languages and contexts. We want to train and equip the body of Christ broadly to be the light of the world. We are brighter together.

Saturation leads to transformation. This is so important as we consider how to truly make a difference. How do we leverage our time, energy, and resources to bring real hope and help to all people? We multiply them! We repeat what God is doing here in so many other places through partnership with others.

In God’s providence He has already been bringing us opportunities to do this work. He has positioned us to be a blessing to others and to partner with many faithful men and women in the good work they are doing.  The mission and vision of Citylight, based on the good news of the Gospel, will be expressed in other languages and will be lived out in other places around the DMV and across the globe.

How does it work?

Our 3 main ways of partnering now include

  1. Leader training
  2. Strategic support (Primarily in regards to administrative and outreach efforts)
  3. Resource sharing (Things like funds, buildings, materials, skillsets, leaders, community activities)

How do I get involved? 

If you would like more information about how you can be involved or how your church an become a partner email

Our Partners in ministry

Ciudad Luz. Meets at 11am at Citylight Church.

Citylight Lao. Meets at 10:30am at Citylight Church.