Watching Daily at the Gate – 4/20/20

Philip Shera

Proverbs 8:34-35 – “Blessed is the one who listens to me [wisdom], watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the LORD,”


When I was a kid, I really wanted to build a pinewood derby car. I would wait all day for my dad to come home from work to help me build that car. Sure, I probably could have tried to do it with some how-to books, but there was something so special about that time with my dad: asking him how to attach the wheels, or learning about the way a well-oiled axel helped make the car the fastest. My dad was wise, and I longed for his wisdom more than any person with a build-it guide.  


These days, the internet claims to have the answers as our planet faces extreme uncertainty. We need a timely truth from God’s word during a time where every media outlet, app, and channels on the planet is offering a version of “wisdom” for us to consume. But while it seems that these sources offer answers to the unique circumstances we’re facing, all they really give are empty promises. Proverbs 8:34-35 specifically addresses how we seek true wisdom, from the perspective of Wisdom itself. The “me” referenced in these verses is wisdom: Blessed is the one who listens to true wisdom. The LORD is pleased –  and we find favor with Him – when we seek true wisdom.  


The scripture here highlights that those who listen, watch, and wait for wisdom are blessed. To be secure and content in the patience of waiting for wisdom is a holy blessing. In each of these “blessed” actions, a trend emerges. We see that each action involves patience uncommon to our typically fast-paced lives. On the other hand, we see wisdom imploring us to slowly listen, watch daily at the gates, and wait beside the doors. For what do we find when we listen, watch, and wait for wisdom?  


When we wait for wisdom, we find life and obtain favor from the LORD. These two are intimately connected. When I would build my car with my dad and would seek him out, our our bond increased. For true wisdom is greater than all the world’s desires (v. 10-11). How do we find wisdom? We seek the LORD. When we find Him, we find life. full, abundant life. As the world persistently tries to influence us to come up with action plans for surviving the times we face (and devise the meaning of these tests we are facingwe can turn to true wisdom. We can rest in the assurance of our secure faith that as we listen, watch, and wait on wisdom, we will be blessed in finding life in our LordFor wisdom was a possession of the Lord before time (v. 22).  

Prayer Points


  1. Pray that you would desire wisdom over information concerning the coming days; that you would prioritize patiently waiting for the Lord, and seeking His everlasting life over making plansPray that we would be satisfied in the waiting for Him.  
  2. Pray for those who are facing a future that seems insurmountablethat they would be spurred on to action through the Lord’s faithful promise to provide rather than relying on worldly motivations. Pray that they would find peace in the uncertaintyand would seek true wisdom leading to salvation in Christ. 
  3. Pray for our local government, state, and nation’s leaders to have hearts that seek true wisdom.