Trust Over Fear – 11/25/20

Mitch Phillips

Psalm 56:3 “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” 


Fear is a natural human reaction to things that threaten us. We all experience fear many times in our lives. The causes are vast and unique to each of us. Some people are afraid of heights while others rock climb and skydive as a hobby. Some people may be afraid to remove the spider from the bathroom while others have them as pets. Fear can protect us, but more often than not, it prevents us from trying new things, reaching challenging goals or fighting for what we believe in.  

When we’re afraid of serious danger or an anxiety-inducing task, we should turn toward God for comfort and guidance. David, the one who faced Goliath and left victorious, was just as susceptible to fear as you and me. In this verse, David is expressing his fear when he was held captive by the Philistines. Instead of succumbing to his fear, David opened his heart to God and put his trust in him for it is possible for both fear and faith to occupy your mind at the same time. 

The next time you feel afraid, put your trust in God instead of your own human abilities and you will allow yourself to be led by faith. 



Dear Lord, I praise you for your persistence in our lives. We may stray from you often, trusting our own abilities before yours in order to deal with the challenges life brings our way. Lord, I ask for the wisdom to turn to you when I am afraid. Lord, I ask for the courage to praise you when those around me doubt. Lord, your abundant love and guidance in our lives allows us to achieve great things in your name, even if those accomplishments face boundless amounts of fear along the way. Lord, I ask that you remind us that while fear may be unavoidable, there is always space for faith in our minds and our hearts – for you are our Lord and Savior. In your name I pray, Amen.