Seen, significant, and set free

Seen, significant, and set free

5/10/20 – Kristen Crew

Our one-year-old is just learning to walk. She smiles and loves it in her best attempt, but also wobbles, falls, and cries before she gets back up to try again. As her parent, it’s cute and a joy to see her grow and blossom. I see some parallels of her reality as a wobbling walker to our role in life, and particularly our role as parents. This walk of life can feel wobbly sometimes, as we fall and get back up, unsure if we are doing it all well. No matter where you find yourself this Mother’s Day or what roles you’re navigating, we can be encouraged by the truth that we are seen, significant, and set free in them all.


  1. You are seen. When motherhood makes us feel unseen, the Bible is clear that we are seen by God. Matthew 6:4 tells us “your Father who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.” He sees the prayers for your grown children, he sees the feeble attempts to love your children well 24 hours a day, He sees both your struggles and successes. He sees it all. He loves you and is for you and is helping you all along the way.  God sees you with delight, even in your mistakes, like a parent who smiles as they see their one-year-old wobble, fall, and get back up again. Picture that today!


  1. You are significant. The world uses different metrics than the Lord does when determining what’s significant. In Christ, we know we all are significant and we can do all things for His glory and for our good.  Be encouraged today that your significance is not in what you do; God values you for who you are. He is also working in those everyday situations to produce an amazing reality; one you wouldn’t even be able to dream up.  Therefore the mundane has significance because Christ is working in and through it. Your labor is not in vain, it is significant! (1 Corinthians 15:58).


  1. You are set free. We can rest in God’s faithfulness, and take the pressure off of ourselves to do everything right. Take a breath. Let the weight on your shoulders be moved to the feet of Jesus. Put the outcome of your kids’ life in His loving hands. Trust Him. Let Him parent you today! He is your Father and wants to take care of you (Matthew 7:11).


We are free to enjoy the reality of our day when we really believe these truths. When we remind ourselves of these three things often every day, we can wobble and fall sometimes but keep getting back up.  God cares more about our lives than we even do. God cares more about our kids than we even do. He will help us. Let’s say this over your life today: I am seen, I am significant, I am set free.