Right Before God – 11/13/20

Matt Hart

Job 25

This passage comes near the end of Job’s dialogue with his three friends—Zophar, Eliphaz, and Bildad.  Job continues to make a case of his innocence when his friend Bildad offers the reply we see in chapter 25.  Bildad’s response reminds us of God’s sovereignty over all (“dominion and fear are with God,” v. 2), and compared to God’s righteousness no one can be blameless (v. 5).  However, in verse 4, an enduring and critical set of questions is posed; questions that we continue to wrestle with to this day—How can man be in the right before God?   

The world offers many answers to these questions.  But true Christians know there is only one-way man can be right and pure before God—through our faith in Jesus Christ and His death on the cross (Romans 5:1). 


Lord, you are sovereign over all of Your creation; there is no way we can ever stand blameless before you on our own merit.  Thank you for sending Your son Jesus to die for us and paying the price of our sins so that we may stand before you one day pure and blameless.