Repair and Rebuild on a Solid Foundation – 4/6/20

Cindy Abell

Isaiah 61:4 – “…and they will repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations.”


I recently spent a few days at my parents’ house helping my dad repair their screened-in porch. My dad is the handiest man I have ever known! He built our cabin, as an addition for their house, and built this screened-in porch fourteen years ago. Fourteen years later, here we are, repairing and replacing the rotting wood. We’ll blame it on the guy at Home Depot who convinced him to buy this wood! As we started uncovering different parts of the deck, we uncovered more and more rotten wood. We knew that some of it was rotting, but didn’t know the full extent of it until it was all uncovered. Repairing and rebuilding requires work… dirty work. Repairing and rebuilding requires time and devotion. Had we not removed all of the rotten wood, our repairs would have been futile. I might have found myself returning again to help fix a bigger problem… a problem with the very solid foundation.


In a similar way, when we look at this verse, we can think of the cities of Judah that had fallen into ruins during the exile like the rotting wood on my parents’ porch. For generations, these cities were lying in waste and rotting. And now the oaks of righteousness, who are the new believers that were reached by those anointed by the Spirit, would return and rebuild the city through Gospel restoration! This repairing and rebuilding would require work, time, and devotion. Let’s pray that the Lord works in us to repair and rebuild our own lives and the city of Falls Church.

Prayer Points


  1. Just as my dad and I had to peel back many rotting boards to find the source of the problem, pray that the Lord would continue to peel back and reveal the layers of sin in your life and help you rebuild on the solid foundation of Christ.
  2. For our church, pray for a unified devotion to repair and rebuild the city of Falls Church and the lives around us. Pray for the body to devote work, time, and energy in our efforts to further His kingdom.  
  3. For our city, pray for the lost souls that surround us. Pray for the upcoming generations to know the saving truth of the Gospel. Trust that the Lord is already working and pray for opportunities to be a part of what He is doing to rebuild and repair Falls Church by Gospel restoration. Act in obedience to take part in those opportunities!