Refreshed by your Presence – 8/9/20

John Arevalo 

2 Timothy 1:16   MaytheLordgrantmercytothehouseholdofOnesiphorus,forheoftenrefreshedmeandwasnotashamedofmychains, 


There’s so much in this passage, but one that I can’t seem to overlook how God used Onesiphorus’ presence to be refreshing for Paul. In the height and struggle of all the persecution Paul is going through, Oneseiphorus stands as one of the people highlighted to bless Paul by being unashamed of his chains. This begs the question for us: does our presence serve to refresh our brothers and sisters? Does our presence serve to refresh the brokenhearted, the weak, and those struggling through life for the sake of the gospel?  


May we be a body that seeks this type of presence. Lord give us the grace to have this type of presence for your people.