Proclaiming Liberty – 3/26/20

Shalom Montero

Isaiah 61:1 – “to proclaim liberty to the captives”


While preparing for this devotional I took a moment to reflect on something pastor Nate shared with us from the pulpit, “Whenever I’m counseling someone, one of the first questions I ask is ‘how often do you read your bible?” There is an unshakeable truth that the only way we are freed is by the blood of Jesus and communion with him through his word. His word provides guidance that brings us freedom in a way that calls us to proclaim liberty to the captives.”  


I love how the gospel is the story of Jesus reclaiming us unto himself. It’s taken slowing down for me to see how captive we’ve become from our routines. At a time of uncertaintyGod’s presence has both strengthened and refreshed me to pray continuously. By God’s love, I have felt freedom in giving him my sadness and fears about the future. Time spent with him led me to cling to these words, follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:11). Paul was concerned with God’s presence and passion to proclaim liberty to the captives! Let this be our passion today! 


Therefore, I would love for us all to cry out to God that he would not allow us to be overwhelmed in the upcoming weeks. Prayer is the means by which we can remain vigilant against the devil’s schemes and rely on His power. Would you pray with me today: 

Prayer Points


  1. Personal: Thank you God, for your mercies in my life. In a time of uncertainty, I pray that your provision always abounds. Please be the provider in my home. Continue to provide for all our needs. You have always delivered me from the enemy and from my own selfish ambitions. Please let us use this time of quarantine to enjoy being in your presence. Let me get to know you more. Help my family members (name) that they may be a light in their homes. Please soften the hearts of those who are captive. I pray that you may lead them to open their bibles in their homes and find peace in you. I surrender the family members that have expressed anger or fear during this time of uncertainty; and myself, that I may be given patience and endurance.   
  2. Church: I plea for my pastors. The needs are many, and they cannot do it all. I ask that you not let them carry the church’s burden on their shoulders. I pray that you would provide for them in abundance. I pray for endurance and peace for their families and spouses. 
  3. City: I pray for community leaders, the Governor and all our elected officials. The stressors of the job are many but God, you are mightier than all our worries and fears. I pray against the enemy, that he may have no hold in our elected officials. Let them open their bibles and pray in their private quarters for forgiveness, wisdom and guidance. At a time where traveling is mostly cancelled and missions’ trips are largely halted, do greater things. Let your holy spirit work through your people that you may get all the glory.


Blessed be your holy name in all of creation, let your will be done in my life, in my familyand in this nation. Amen