Planted for his Glory – 4/3/20

Richard Thomas

Isaiah 61:3 – “…The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified”


When meditating on this verse, it’s important to remember these two things:

1. The Lord is intentional. On a daily basis we can be consumed by the different responsibilities that we have on our plate. These responsibilities could include, but not limited to our relationships, careers, finances, or even futures. The Lord is aware of these things and has intentionally planted believers where they are to fulfill the purpose he’s determined for the advancement of his King. Therefore, when you face situations that make you think “there’s no purpose for me being here” or “what I’m doing doesn’t matter” remember that Lord has you there on purpose.


2. The Lord’s glory is the priority. At some point during the lives of many believers, we can lose sight of the purpose of our actions, even when we’re serving others. Remember that what we do as believers ultimately is for the glory of the Lord. We are created to glorify him in spirit and in truth and that means to not only to actively serve, but to actively serve with a heart that is chiefly concerned with what’s pleasing to God.

Prayer Points


  1. Pray that your affections for God will continue to grow and that the overflow of those affections will spill into every aspect of your life.
  2. Pray that our church would continue in faith by holding onto the promises of God. Pray that our church represents Christ in a way that influences those who do not believe, to believe in Christ alone.
  3. Pray for our city that God would reveal Himself to be a very present help in this time of trouble both physically and salvifically.