Our fear, God’s promise – 3/17/20

Dale Sutherland

Psalm 46:2 – Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the be moved into the heart of the see…


I began really studying Scripture when I went through times of anxiety, because I felt I needed the Lord and His encouragement. This verse is in one of the passages that I first memorized because it helped me so much. In reading more of the Bible, I learned that many of my Biblical heroes, including David who wrote this Psalm, had negative emotions like fear and worry just like so many of us. We have every human reason to feel anxiety or worry, yet we serve a God who still promises to provide a way out from living in fear.

So when I see Psalm 46, I hear the confident words of King David proclaiming “therefore (because God is a very ready, present helper as stated in verse one)  we will not fear…” even if (then he throws us dramatic circumstances that would make anyone afraid) the earth changes or even if the mountains slipped into the sea.  Can you believe we can be calm and free of worry even if mountains were to melt because God is ready and present to Help us? This can transform our lives, and certainly our week. 

Prayer Points


  1. There are certainly real reasons to be anxious and afraid. Acknowledge these before the Lord and ask for help and a spirit of peace. He is ready and eager to help you!
  2. Pray that we would be a church who does not fear and who lives a life of trust in God.
  3. Pray that those in our city would turn to God for the answer to their fears and anxieties and put their trust in Jesus.