Not of Fear – 8/1/20

Sarah Zeballos 

2 Timothy 1:7   for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.


Paul writes this second letter to Timothy, who he calls “my dear son”, as he awaits death in Rome as a prisoner. As Paul is faced with death, this letter made up of four chapters contains gems that helps us examine our faith. Paul opens his heart and shares with us what is of utmost importance at the end of his life. Timothy, himself being called to hold the line under tremendous pressure, his own fear (vs. 7), deeply encouraged and embraced by Paul to continue in faithfulness for the sake of the gospel in spite of hardship and suffering. Boldness arises not from self-confidence, but God’s confidence. If you find yourself in a difficult season of life, perhaps battling your own fear, I encourage you to read this letter. Stand firm, lean into God, being strengthened by keeping guard as you study God’s Word and seek a greater revelation of Christ Jesus. 



Father, would you open up our eyes to see Jesus. Give us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. Enlighten the eyes of our understanding, enlighten the eyes of our hearts, let us see you rightly. Help us lean in and trust you when it’s difficult. Make yourself known inside of us. Give us a greater measure of understanding of who you are, and to stand firm in your power and in your love that casts away all fear. Amen.