Joyful Noise Anyone? – 7/18/20

Jason Ward

Revelation 22:13 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”


Has there been a moment lately when you’ve just wanted to call “do over” or take a mulligan?  Revelation is the great reveal of what is to come and communicates (to us) a hope known to God and evident from the very beginning.  There is no regret, no uncertainty. 


God preceded the Earth’s very existence (Genesis 1) and created something good.  The end of Relevation reveals that we will one day return to the eternal glory where creation started, no longer marred by good evil.  Does it excite you like me that one day creation will be perfect again?  Perfect love.  Embracing others.  Absence of death.  Practically, no more social distancing.  Worshipping God will occur shoulder to shoulder with fellow believers shouting from the top of our lungs – my two daughters sing Way Maker non-stop these days, and I picture heaven where everyone sings with the same gusto and boldness.  (Also, hopefully, it is a little more on key and a little less joyful noise.  :)  ) 


For those who hear Christ’s “Come”, they will experience the same tree of life and river of life found in the Garden of Eden.  This verse not only reveals what is to come but also reaffirms the Trinity and Christ’s presence/involvement in the beginning (John 8:58, John 17:5, Colossians 1:17, Hebrews 13:8), as well as the end.  


For those who have a relationship with Christ, be encouraged that God created a perfectly holy world that we will return to.  Regardless of your situation, continue to point people (based on your own story) to the saving relationship with Christ so that they too can have hope now and see the greatest story in the world be fulfilled.  Be vulnerable, be authentic.  Would someone characterize you as having joyful noise? 


For those who do not have a relationship with Christ, ALSO be encouraged that God created a perfectly holy world that we will return to.  The middle of God’s story, between the beginning and the end, was a human mess that a single individual (Christ), who was present in the beginning yet born into that creation, redeemed.  Our lives are no different.  He desired to know you.  Every Christian’s journey started simply with an invite of Jesus Christ into their lives.  Then God started to work in our lives, which continues today.  Would you ask him into your life? 


God’s ultimate goal is for his creation to know him. He built His wisdom into creation. He put each of us in a specific place with specific people around us.  Matter to others. 


Prayer Points: 

  • Pray that we would make our own joyful noise. 
  • Pray that Citylight would be a beacon for Falls Church of what imperfect Christians look like doing our very best for God’s kingdom and seeing his creation redeemed. 
  • Pray that our city see a movement of believers, not complacent and meek, but bold and unforgiving in their proclamation that Jesus is Lord and unyielding in their desire to serve their neighbors in need