Jesus Washes Our Feet – 3/25/21

Lindsey Johnston

John 13:8  – “No,” Peter protested, “you will never ever wash my feet!” Jesus replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.

As people separated from God, we often have a hard time humbling ourselves – relying on our self-sufficiency, much like Peter when he does not want to allow Jesus to wash his feet. In some sense, this is due to our sinful and prideful hearts; Peter does not want Jesus to serve him, but he can expectantly serve Jesus. Like Peter, we often disguise our pride in independence and humility, by not admitting that we need anything from anyone. However, if we do not allow Jesus to wash and cleanse us, we “won’t belong to [Him].” We must humble ourselves before Jesus to receive all He wants to provide us, even if we have nothing to offer in return. That is where God does His awesome and redeeming work: when we are brought low before Him to graciously and humbly receive His cleansing work 


Lord, help us to be humble. Remove any pride in our hearts that keeps us distant from You. Help us to recognize our need for You to come in and wash us from our sins. Thank You, Father, for cleansing us of our sins, so that we can belong to You and have new life. Let us receive all You provide, knowing we cannot offer anything worthy in return.