Jesus really is the answer: a discipline for Christians struggling with defeat – 6/3/20

Angela Hively  

1 Corinthians 9:22 – To the weak, I became weak to win the weak….


When I read the exhortations in the letters from Paul, Peter and James like 1 Cor. 9:22, I feel weary and defeated. Satan whispers, “Why am I so unfruitful?” 


I could tell myself, “I am fruitful.” But affirmation falls short, first, because it focuses on me instead of God and fails to address the self-pity. Second, our subconscious recognizes the pep-talk and kicks up objections such as, “how can I be fruitful if I have never led anyone to Christ?” 


Challenge for your prayer journal: rewrite negative thoughts as positive questions: “How can a weak person like me be so fruitful?” Focus on the sufficiency of Jesus. Meanwhile, go to the weak in weakness to save some. Jesus really is the answer.