Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit – 11/10/20

Amber Reini

Psalm 31

Affliction, sorrow, strife, and unmet expectations can all cast a shadow of doubt on our faith. At times, I find myself crying out “how long O Lord” (Psalm 13:1)? I question His goodness; worried that He has hidden His face from me, and leaving me desolate. Yet, I am reminded that I cannot let my circumstances or emotions dictate the truth of God’s character. Psalm 31 offers me encouragement amidst suffering. Though the psalmist is worn out with trouble, his soul distressed and weary, he earnestly takes refuge in the Lord (v.1). He confidently prays for deliverance; recalling the Lord’s faithfulness in the past (v.21-22). Though the promises of the Lord have not yet come to fruition, he has hope. He has hope that the Lord will continue to fulfill His Word. He has hope that his soul is secure in the hands of a righteous God. I too can rest assured that the Lord will not forsake me. 



Lord, we praise you that you are a God that hears our prayers (1 Peter 3:12). We give thanks for your steadfast love and the promise of your Word. Lord, we pray that during times of trouble or doubt, that we would surrender ourselves to you. We pray that you would help our unbelief. Allow us to draw closer to you, knowing that we can rest assured in your hands. Amen.