He Hears You – 11/9/20

Asa Reini

Psalm 22 

Both Habakkuk and Psalm 22 start out with a surprising message. Habakkuk asks God how long he has to cry out without God hearing him, and in v.2 the Psalmist says that he cries out but finds no answer from God. This reminds me of trying to call someone on the phone. Even though most of us have our phones 24/7, it can still be hard to reach people at times. It feels like Habakkuk and the Psalmist are both having a hard time reaching God, which is strange since God is omnipresent and omniscient. It feels like God has let their calls go to voicemail, or worse that his voicemail box is full! Do you ever feel that way? You may have tried to contact God but it felt like He just didn’t have time for you or He wasn’t there when you needed Him. Be encouraged by what happens next in Habakkuk and the Psalm. God answers Habakkuk in v.5 saying that He is doing a work we wouldn’t believe if He told us. The Psalmist seems to know this too as indicated by v. 31, where the people proclaim that the Lord “has done it”. God hears you and is moving in ways you wouldn’t believe, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Have faith! 



Lord, in the midst of my struggles allow me to have faith that you are moving. I pray that my heart would not be too proud to think that I could understand your ways. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and give me strength.