God Uses Hardships For Our Good – 11/20/20

Roxana Vaquero

Psalm 66 

It might seem strange that this psalm praises God for allowing hardship. Being “tried like silver,” purified like a metal that is purified from its impurities in a hot crucible, does not sound appealing. Truth is, we cannot escape all difficulty in this fallen world, but God does not waste it. In His goodness and love for us, He allows and uses hardships to refine us, to set us free from things that cause us harm and separate us from Him. However, God doesn’t abandon us in the crucible, He is with us and can give us the strength we need to go through it if we ask Him. It’s amazing how the author of this psalm ends it with the faith filled affirmation that God heard his prayers and made known to him His faithfulness.  

Prayer: Lord, help me trust you during my refining process and know that you are with me. Help me be rooted in your love for me while I wait for your deliverance and give me the strength I need. Help me have greater faith in your goodness that you will use these hard things for my good.