21 Day Devotional

Intro to Romans 12 Guide

The theme of our time in prayer and fasting these 21 days is a “living sacrifice.” The question for each of us is how can we present our bodies, our whole lives, as a living sacrifice to the Lord? How can we put everything on the altar this year? As we prepare for a new year and settle into regular rhythms of church life, we must be intentional to not just go through the motions. God is calling us to truly follow Him in every moment. Remember, the way to save your life is to lose it (Luke 9:24). During this season of prayer and fasting, ask the Lord how you might offer your life as a living sacrifice this year. How can you offer your life to God for the sake of His glory in your neighborhood, in our city, or to the ends of the earth? Use these daily devotionals walking through Romans 12 to help guide your thinking. I think you will find it practical and helpful to learn how to present your life as a living sacrifice every day.

Why fast?

It is important that we not just fast from something but for something. We fast from food and for more desperation for God. We fast from social media and for more focus on spiritual things. We fast from creature comforts and for the opportunity to be more generous. We don’t just refrain but we replace. So, as we implement the discipline of fasting, let’s remember this time is an opportunity for more. More of God, more impact on our city, more unity in our church.


Practical Ways to Fast

  1. Fast a meal once a week
  2. Fast a whole day once a week
  3. Fast from social media or other phone usage
  4. Fast from entertainment (tv, music, other media)
  5. Fast from junk food/caffeinated drinks
  6. Fast from reading any other book but the Bible in your spare time
  7. Fast with your lighthouse on days you meet
  8. Fast from creature comforts (Starbucks runs, eating out for lunch, random amazon purchases, etc…)
  9. Fast from meat for 21 days
  10. Juice Fast for 21 days

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