Day 16: Be fervent in Spirit

Shalom Montero

Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord (Romans 12:11).

This call in our lives to never lack zeal, and keep spiritual fervor is not out of our own strength. Our commitment to the word of God has nothing to do with our strength in keeping His rules, but our love for a God that has loved us first. When we intentionally live for the glory of God and make His works in our lives known; by sharing our testimony or life with others, we see the Holy Spirit provide us gifts that keep our spiritual fervor. God has shown me that it is not the strength by which I share or serve, but the boldness of my prayers. God gives us this great love for the lost and I’ve asked that His eyes help us see. Let us serve through prayer, so that our spiritual armor is ready upon showing up.

Prayer points:

  • God’s presence. God, thank you for your presence in my life and in my family’s life. I thank you that you have let me know you and receive your Son. Thank you for the assurance that your word provides, that you hear our prayers, that you answer them, and that you are a good father. Please forgive me of my sins and help me forgive others. Thank you for your holy spirit, who is our counselor, and dwells in our hearts.
  • His healing hand. God, I pray for my heart. Let me never forget that you are the one that has done all things. I pray for _____ (names) and ask that you please heal them. Heal them of ____ (disease) and ultimately of their sins. I pray that your word many be as real in their lives as it is in mine, that they may come to repentance and accept Jesus as your son. You say, ‘you have not because you ask not’ (Habakkuk 2:2). I pray that you use this to bring them closer to you and glorify your name. I pray that they may be able to profess your glory.
  • Against the Enemy. I pray against my own doubt, my insecurities, and against the schemes of the devil. He comes to kill and to destroy, but you come that I may have life. I pray against the enemy in my home and I pray against His schemes in my family. I pray for ____ (by name) and I pray that you may command your angels to guard them, and that your holy spirit may begin to work in their lives. I pray against him in our church, that you may keep us from scandal, let your name be glorified is us and through us.
  • Salvation. I pray for people to hear the word of God and be saved. I pray for Falls Church and the community we serve to be changed because of your word. Let us reap the harvest that others have planted, that entire families may come to know Jesus in a personal way. Let us also plan seeds of trust and your word, that many might come to faith. I pray for the faculty in our schools, let them hear your word and be saved, and let generations rise up in faith because of our obedience. Let all of this be done for your glory God, that others may know that Jesus is the Son of God, and through him there is eternal life. In Jesus name, Amén!