Day 11: Teaching

John Arevalo

The one who teaches, in his teaching (Romans 12:7)

Paul expressed his satisfaction to the church of Rome because they are “filled with knowledge and able to instruct one another” (Rom. 15:14). This is my prayer for Citylight Church: that the ministry of the Word would continue to extend from the pulpit towards all our ministries, and in our city. We pray that our pastors and servant leaders would immerse themselves in teaching God’s Word with love, clarity, and faithfulness so that our church will be filled with the knowledge of God’s love and equipped to teach one another. Think about the difference we can make in our city if every member of our church is able to teach God’s word in different capacities! We let the Word do the work, as we occupy ourselves with the Word to make disciples of all nations.

Three contexts we need to study as we aim to teach:

  1. The Context of the Word. Knowing the context of the passage is vital in teaching God’s Word. As living sacrifices, we need to expose God’s Word faithfully by knowing the author’s original intent. We study how the passage fits into the overall framework of the book and to the rest of the Bible, in such a way that Jesus Christ is exalted in our teaching!
  2. The Context of our People. Not only do we need to know the context of the Bible, but we need to be acquainted with the contexts of the hearts of our own people. Biblical teaching that is out of touch to the daily realities of its local body often becomes void. But the teaching of God’s Word, communicated to address the intricacies, passions, struggles, and convictions of our people leaves the church equipped to do the work God has called them to do.
  3. The Context of Ourselves. A biblical passage taught, must first be taught to our own hearts. Like a cook tasting the meal first before serving it to the guests, so does the bible teacher must first taste and see the goodness of God’s Word (Ps. 34:8) before it is served to the church. As we prepare to teach God’s Word, we evaluate how the passage has cut us to the heart (Acts 2:37) – how did it convict us? How did it help us? How did it spur us to action? How did it lead us into greater praise and awe of Him? 

Prayer points:

  • Pray that our church will be occupied with the word, as we pursue to teach the Word.
  • Pray earnestly that we would fill our city with the teaching of God’s Word (Acts 5:28)!
  • Consider the three contexts that we need to study (Word, people, & ourselves) as we teach. What do you need to study the most? Pray for God to enlighten your hearts and minds as you strive to teach His Word.