Day 10: Service

Asa and Amber Reini

If service in our serving… (Romans 12:7)

Congratulations! You’ve made it halfway through the devotional. As a midpoint check-up, ask yourself the following questions: Do I feel like my prayer life has deepened during the past 9 days? In what ways have I grown in terms of sacrificing my life? 

For some, you may have experienced tremendous growth over the past few days. For others, you may not see as much of a difference. If you’re in the latter group, don’t get discouraged and remember that life-change takes time. Two roadblocks that might be hindering your growth are:

  • Viewing each devotional as a separate concept, rather than connecting the verses of Scripture as a whole.
  • Finding it difficult to take practical action on some of the previous concepts.

Fortunately, verse 7 starts out with the concept of serving, something that anyone can do during their unique season of life. The challenge, however, is that while anyone can do it, true serving is not easy – it is uncomfortable, inconvenient, sacrificial, and forces you to take ownership of something that wouldn’t otherwise be your responsibility. Christ said that the opportunities to serve will be plentiful, but that the people willing to fill those needs will be few (Luke 10:2). We as Christians are called to be those few people and to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to serve. Yet, you may be confused on where to begin serving because you remain unsure of what serving opportunities align well with your gifts. And although there is beauty in using your specific gifts to serve the Lord, this verse speaks to a general gift that is quite simple: just the gift of serving. Instead of trying to find the perfect fit, you may just need to jump into serving somewhere (e.g. children’s ministry, the hospitality team, after school mentoring, etc.) and then see how God directs you from there. Many people will speak to the benefits of trying something new at work in order to grow in their careers, but people are often afraid to try something new in serving to grow in their faith. The good news is that serving isn’t some dreary, monotonous task. Even in the midst of difficulty, we can experience joy through serving. This is because we’re able to build community with the people who sacrifice alongside us and ultimately contribute to growing unity within the church. Most importantly though, our service is visible to Christ and brings Him glory (Colossians 3:23-24). 

Prayer points:

  • Ask God to reveal the areas of your pride that are keeping you from surrendering yourself fully in service to others and to Him (e.g. your wealth, your “busyness”, your comfort, etc.).
  • Christ calls us to be humble in our view of ourselves (v. 3-4) and eagerly aim to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ (v. 10). He also calls us to serve those that live in our community, and even those that we consider to be our enemies (v. 20). Who do you need to be serving right now?