Day 1: The Appeal to be a Living Sacrifice

Nate Crew

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship (Romans 12:1).

This is the call of God on our lives and is what we give our attention to during this time of prayer and fasting. My prayer for each one in this church is that we would present our bodies, our lives, our resources, our hopes and dreams, our families and plans, and everything else as a living sacrifice to God. We put our lives on the altar and say, “It’s all yours Lord, do with it what you will.” This is our offering. It is not about 10% of our income but 100% of our life. 2 quick thoughts.

  1. It takes intentionality. We must present our bodies to God. We give them over to God. We put it in our hands and then open our hands and offer it to God. We take a look at our lives and we ask the Lord what sacrifice looks like in this season, and we make a choice to present something to God. This doesn’t happen accidentally, it takes intentionality.
  2. It takes consistency. It is a living sacrifice. It doesn’t die with one offering. It is a continual pursuit. This is not a decision we make one time but every day. Romans 6:11 says we are now “alive to God.” Alive to offer a living sacrifice. This is God’s mercy that though we sacrifice we still live. Let’s make sacrifice a habit!

Prayer points:

  • Ask the Lord to reveal to you what obedience to this truth looks like in your life. Pray that God would not only lead you but also many in this church to be clear and obedient with how the Lord is leading.
  • Ask the Lord to do a great work in our city and world through our offering. Pray that the sacrifices we make would lead to God’s glory and a great salvation for people around us. Dream big. Can you imagine the impact of all of us living this out? Pray that God would do exceedingly, abundantly, more than we can even ask or think.
  • Practical steps: Think about your time. How can you offer more of your time up to God? What does your schedule say about your priorities and who you are living for? Also, encourage those you see living out this truth and offering their life as a sacrifice. My old pastor used to say, “we replicate what we celebrate,” so let’s celebrate those who are good examples and prayerfully replicate that lifestyle throughout our church!