But the Lord – 3/22/21

Noah Baker

Romans 11:29 …for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable...


I have two brothers whom I am fairly close to; one older, one younger. I virtually raised my little brother, and my older brother has stood by me in several of my most tragic seasons. I would certainly not be OK if they sold me into slavery. The Bible, in Genesis 37, specifies that Joseph was stripped of his ornate robe and thrown into a waterless cistern. His status and possessions had been stripped away. Joseph appeared to have nothing. And in enduring betrayal, I doubt that he foresaw his path as slave, to prisoner, to ruling over Egypt and saving many lives – to include his family. But the Lord had given Joseph the gift of favor and a call to obedience. He was sold, and his death was faked; Joseph’s future was not looking too bright. But the Lord prevailed as His gifts and his call are irrevocable. We may not believe in the gifts the Lord has given us now. We may be discouraged by where the Lord has us now. We may not know what His call on our life is now. But what comfort Paul writes: “…God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable”. This isn’t some abstract hope. God’s providence, seen in the life of Joseph, was proven in Christ for us. Of course, there’s a call to action. What are we doing with the gifts He has given us, regardless of unfavorable circumstances? How are we building one another up within the body? How are we bearing witness to Christ, through our given gifts, to those outside the body? Our gifts matter because His gift matters.  


Father, thank you for blessing us with gifts so we may reflect a love only you could provide. We praise you for the ultimate gift: grace through your one and only Son. We know, in our hearts, that He is Lord and He is Savior. Let us sow, especially when we don’t feel like sowing. I pray we can grow in awareness of our need for you; that we feel your unfailing love, so we may share our experience of you to others in need. We praise you in all times, Amen.