Bigger Than I Thought – 4/23/21

Erin Pender

1 Corinthians 13:10 – “…but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears”

I have always had so many questions concerning my faith: historical evidence of Christianity, God’s sovereignty, new heaven & new earth, and so on. It’s hard to wrap our human minds around such a mighty and perfect God. When we pray for others, sometimes we pray too small. We may pray things like: “God, heal my sister,” or “God, help me find a new job,” but God cares about the condition of our souls.. the complete picture. We may be able to feel some of that here on earth, but according to this passage in Corinthians, we cannot comprehend what will be waiting for us when we are face to face with Jesus – when everything will make sense and we won’t be worried about small matters or small questions. Nate said it best in his sermon a few weeks back: Don’t waste your time fighting small unworthy battles, instead save your energy to fight holy ones. We read accounts of God’s power and testimonies of Jesus’ healing in the Bible, but even that is part considering everything God has accomplished since time began.



God, help this challenge us to pray weighty prayers and believe in miracles. We know that the rest we find in You satisfies us now, but that’s still only part compared to what we will one day experience in full. You are bigger than every situation, every emotion, every question, and yes even the stories in the Bible! You are so much bigger than I thought. 

***(Listen to the song Bigger Than I Thought by Sean Curran if you haven’t heard it!)