A Place of Faith – 3/2/21

Rachel Anderson

Genesis 4:1-16 

Genesis 4:1-16 is the story about Cain and Abel and their offerings of sacrifice. We know from the story that the Lord accepted Abel’s offering but rejected Cain’s.  

There are a few different views as for why the Lord rejected Cain’s offering and accepted Abel’s. While there is a lot we could unpack there, let’s focus on one thing we know for sure about Abel’s sacrifice that can encourage us today  

Abel’s offering was from a place of faith. In Hebrews 11:4 it says “By faith Abel offered to God a more acceptable sacrifice than Cain.” How can we tell if our sacrifice to the Lord is from a place of faith? 

Hebrews 11:1 gives us a definition of faith as “the conviction of things not seen.” So, to help us think through this we could ask ourselves this question: does my conviction about who I believe God is (who I have not seen), reflect in my offerings/sacrifice to the Lord (my time, resources, money, skills, etc.)? 



God, I pray that our conviction about who you are would be accurately represented in our offerings to you. God you are good. You are Creator. You are just. You are kind. You are generous. You are provider. And so, I pray that if we truly believe these things that everything about our life would proclaim this.