A Good Soldier – 8/12/20

Mike E

2 Tim. 3-4 Shareinsufferingasagood soldierofChristJesus.Nosoldiergetsentangledincivilianpursuits,sincehisaimisto pleasetheonewhoenlistedhim. 


The military is a unique occupation. Beyond wearing the same clothes, walking the same way, and getting paid to play with guns, soldiers are unique because their primary reason for existence is to engage in combat to win the nation’s battles. To achieve this end, soldiers often endure periods of physical, mental, and emotional hardships. 


The Bible says that followers of Christ are also soldiers of Christ. Jesus does not sugarcoat the reality of His call or the commitment, hardship, and sacrifice it includes (Matt 16:24, Luke 9:57-62, Luke 14:25-35). The reality is that His disciples are engaging in spiritual warfare (2 Cor 10:3-6, Eph 6:10-17), and the effects and casualties of the war abound. Paul reminds Timothy of this reality, and we, as good soldiers of Christ Jesus, must also lay aside all distractions and focus on our mission. The battle is raging, the stakes are deadly, and the consequences are eternal.  


Lord, help us lay aside the seemingly innocent distractions of this world that draw us away from faithfully following You and Your call. Help us be prepared to suffer as good soldiers of Christ. Renew our minds and strengthen us with the power of your Spirit, that we may live not for this world and not for ourselves, but for Your Kingdom. In Christ’s name, and for His sake we pray, amen.